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From her studio which is now at the visionary Goldsmiths' Centre, situated in Farringdon, nr Hatton Garden, London, AlexandraTosto produces an energetic and bold collection of geometrically elaborate jewellery. Her daringly unique style is the result of a desire to not only generate new ideas but challenge our preconceived notions of beauty and sensuality. The seamless sense of geometric rhythm and flow that runs through her work is truly magnificent. You can almost see each piece growing, crystallising into something more complex as sheer momentum takes hold. When looking at her work one could be forgiven for thinking she had stopped a fundamental force of nature, frozen it in time before turning it into something you can wear on your body. Alexandra even cites an interest in Quantum Theory and the speculations derived from it as being a major influence in her processes as a designer.

Utterly absorbed by the detailed grandeur of nature and its seemingly endless diversity with regards to colour and form, she compares her approach to that of a chemical reaction. By combining and contrasting a variety of elements she endows them with a new sense of meaning and enhanced visual impact. The result is a highly original aesthetic which has certainly not gone unnoticed, in recent years Alexandra has won the British Jewellers Award, The Goldsmith’s Company Award and the Mathab Hanna Award for use of new technology. She is very open to taking on commissions and will happily discuss any ideas you have, for any further enquiries just click the “Commission Me” button above.

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