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As a materials-led artist, Alison Stockmarr's work has recycling and storytelling at its heart. Described as a latter day "Borrower" she hunts and scavenges for lost and overlooked objects, holds them up to scrutiny and, with a quirky twist, breathes renewed beauty back into them. Seemingly insignificant finds are utilised to develop characters and scenarios that distil and synthesise her reinterpretations of the past with a playful nod to the present. This combined with wit and pathos gives visual comments on the modern world.

Currently, she creates 'Face Books', a collection of work that pokes fun at Facebook. By matching old photographs with suitably titled books, profiles are constructed, creating a library of invented friends of yesteryear. Apertures are cut into books, with photographs and ephemera collaged within their pages. Appropriate, and sometimes inappropriate, narratives are constructed to complete the picture, all be it fake...not unlike some of the ones on Facebook!

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