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Angela Chalmers work explores the intimacy and fluidity of the human condition. Her work seems to writhe and move before you, revealing so much about the nature of life, the human body and identity throughout every stark yet enchanting stroke or splash of paint. Working both in paint and photography, Angela has the chance to portray the chasm of contrast between things – life and death, strength and fragility, good and evil – while always leaving a slight feeling of unease but with a sense that a great knowledge has been imparted.

Dripping water based media into carefully coated paper, Angela’s creations come alive and the structures that emerge as if like a butterfly from a cocoon are filled with a sense of wondrous birth yet with all the melancholy of fearing a short lifespan. This makes the urgency of the enjoyment of the piece all the more special and delicate yet retaining that feeling of the forms will last forever, slowly decaying. A tragic beauty – abstract yet very tangible.

Angela graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Fine Art from the University of Hull in 2005 and has exhibited her work throughout the country in numerous galleries.

"My work makes enquiries about the human condition. Themes of memory, gender, identity and the body politic are explored through the process of painting, printmaking and photography. I am interested in making images that attempt to balance opposites such as 'control and chaos', 'organic and synthetic', and 'beautiful and grotesque'." - Angela Chalmers

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