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Angela Mellor’s delicately charming works in bone china are crafted so exquisitely that they appear almost ethereal. Angela’s talent for crafting stunning pieces such as pots and bowls that artfully reflect and make use of light is truly a wonderful sight to behold. Her works are bold and yet fragile, filled with warmth yet somehow glacial in their smooth lines and texture in the bone china. In fact, Angela’s collection Glacial Light was inspired by the harsh yet beautiful nature of Antarctica.

With Angela’s works, the light dances playfully throughout each piece and enhances each line and curve to perfection. While her pieces appear enormously tactile and textured, they also look so delicate and gentle, making the viewer feel that they want to handle the piece but also as though something so tantalising may flash out of existence upon touch. Angela’s works are simply marvellous, a momentary sense of beauty caught in a world of solid states.

Angela’s inspiration for her art comes from many things including the rolling landscapes, the fluidity of the environment and the way light falls upon items. Her study of the seashore and organic forms builds into her interest of the ways light can completely change the shape and structure of an object when perceived by an onlooker. Angela’s work with bone china and paperslip is often a labour of love that can take a great deal of time to develop but when you see what she creates, you will appreciate the tenderness and care that goes into such fragile and striking pieces.

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