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Barbra Shepard has worked in industry, for public bodies and free lance; both initiating works and creating piece to commission. As a young artist she worked as an illustrator and graphic artist in the music industry. Subsequently funded as an ‘artist in residence’ by the arts council and various other public bodies, her work can be found in a number of hospitals, schools, museums and community groups.

Her current body of work is focused on the subject of male nudes and Tango dancers, both representing the aesthetics of intimacy in human expression from a female perspective. For Barbra, the Female’s relationship to intimacy across cultural forms continues to be depicted in relation to being seen, but not to doing the looking. Desire the most powerful creative driving force, is not just a male prerogative, but the cornerstone of all human experience.

The water colours of dance couples are worked from photographs she took of Tango dancers and are intended as starting points for larger paintings. They picture a dramatic display of intimacy. The focus is to do with the emotional quality of connection between the dancers as shown through passionate facial and bodily expression.

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