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Barry was born in Essex near to East London, UK in 1961, he was one of five children being the youngest son of three. Being born into a very modest household, although never starving, clothing, toys and other things were passed down from brother to brother but, the three brothers enjoyed drawing. They were very competitive as to who's pictures were the ' best' the eldest brother having been practising longer usually being judged the winner!

Eventually Barry's determination and natural ability put him in front and he took it further by learning to use colour and by his early teens was selling his paintings and painting animals and portrait commissions for local people. He also had a love for rock music and spent the remainder of his time playing guitar and indeed listening to hard rock music while rendering the finer points of a Childs face on canvas!

Barry's dream to attend Art school or College was shattered when he became aware that a lack of support and family pressure meant having to get a 'proper job.' After a couple of years in uninteresting, uninspiring employment he went back to painting and playing guitar and enjoying life again, unfortunately eventually unable to continue painting by day and playing in the evenings, the music and guitar had to take a back seat permanently, for sanity and health reasons Barry chose to become a full-time artist around the early 1980's.

For many years Barry painted for various galleries, dealers, agents and private owners, continuously painting in a natural realist style, which he continues to this day. After many years, some happy but some heart breaking, tragic and sometimes traumatic and extremely horrific experiences, Barry has an inner peace and confidence, softly spoken and gentle which underneath his outward appearance (long hair, black leather, etc.) can be seen in his eyes, his smile and his quiet enthusiasm for the art and the world that he sees.

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