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Greatly loved and much admired, Brigid Marlin has lived a fascinating life so far and has created some truly magnificent works. Originally from Washington DC, Brigid has studied all over the world and experienced a great deal; her pieces are highly sought after. Painting seems to have long been a passion of Brigid’s and after studying in Dublin, Paris, Montreal and New York she headed to Vienna to learn the closely guarded secrets of the ‘Mische’ painting technique. A process of painting which was the secret method of the Italian Renaissance painters, and revived after painstaking research by Professor Ernst Fuchs.

Brigid was a founding member of the “Inscape group” working on new painting techniques and then other art forms. Her work and career are rich with teaching posts, artist in resident spots and of course her brilliant paintings. Brigid is an extremely talented artist whose work is displayed proudly in locations all over the world. Her fantasy portraits are filled with delicate touches and her visionary paintings flow with imagination and style making each one of her works simply delightful. Her portraits of famous figures such as the Queen Mother, the Dalai Lama and Lord Longford are all stunning examples of Brigid’s ability to capture the spirit and joy of her subjects.

The list of Brigid’s achievements and exhibitions are too numerous to mention and there is not enough space here to do them all justice so here are a few highlights. Brigid has been awarded several prizes such as 1st prize in the ‘Visions of the Future’ science-fiction painting competition, 1st Prize in the International Painting Competition in Dublin 1988 and the special prize in the Upper Street Gallery Sculpture Competition Prize. Many people all around the world enjoy Brigid’s works and her pieces are held in several prominent collections. Her works have been exhibited in H.R. Giger’s Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Visionary Art Centre Miami, Mall Galleries London and the Stadtmuseum Erlangen-Nurnberg Germany.

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