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As an an obsessive chair maker David loves using their form as a vehicle for exploring design in its purest form. His first acclaimed chair design came in 1968, his final year at the RCA. During this time he had the fortune and privilege of studying under the great Professor David Pye. David's Contour Chair in Perspex and steel rod was widely acclaimed, and still is. The V & A Museum were quick to recognise its significance and bought two of them for their permanent collection, one is now on display in their ‘Modern Chairs’ exhibition in the new Furniture Gallery which opened in 2012.

"Design is an art form in it’s own right, it is distinct from the visual fine arts, and arguably more important as we live with it day to day. Design is the pursuit of elegant solutions, for me clean good looks are a symptom of an inspired answer to a relevant question. The more an object looks like what it is. and the less it looks like a figment of a designers imagination shoe horned into something useable, the better I like it."

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