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Esses’s art flows from what’s strictly personal to what other people have shared with her: observing and mimicking human behaviour has become her “line of conduct”. The themes play without interruption from figures with movement, to women. The works reflect herself and her own history as depicted on canvas and on paper.

Acrylic and collage tends to be her favourite media, from leftover paint and paper cuts, to the assemblage of images and different materials all on 2D, bringing together shots of colour in a very rich spatial language.

Esses can be described as a story teller who learnt the stories from travelling and moving around the world, a story teller that re-traces the anecdote with each picture, showing us people’s attitude rather than the places she visited. The work is therefore not completely “innocent”, neither it is as clear-cut as it appears to be. Her artwork, whether painting or collage is a platform where viewers can make their feelings available or disposable to interact.

Influences: foremost everything she sees and everyone she talks to. German expressionism and painters like Egon Schiele, Ernie Barnes, Neo Rauch, Gerard Richter and many more.

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