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Ceramicist Gin Durham has been a designer and maker for many years now. During this time she has worked in a number of different mediums and taken part in various creative projects, normally as a manager or artist. Yet nothing has quite caught her imagination and enthusiasm like ceramics. For Gin, ceramic is a vibrant and rewarding material with almost endless possibilities in terms of self expression, and one she hopes “to forge a lasting relationship” with.

Her artwork is nothing less than beautiful and intriguing, an enlightened commentary on themes of childhood and the vastness of human emotion. Her highly recognisable slip-cast ceramic creations are decidedly ornate and strikingly decorative, often lustrously finished with high gloss glazes and shimmering 9ct gold detailing. Seemingly innocent at first glance you can’t help but be reminded of childhood and all together simpler times when looking at Gin’s work. Yet under closer scrutiny it becomes clear that her work is carefully treading the line between light and dark, layered imagery bravely plays contrasting themes and emotions off against each other. An admirable balancing act which tends to favour the more vivacious aspects of innocence and play.

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