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As a child with a magpie like interest in sparkly things jeweller Janet Barber literally awoke to the desire to become a jeweller-silversmith at the age of 15. A lot of her inspiration derives from a lifelong fascination with the sheer intensity of detail to be found in nature, particularly with regards to insects, flowers and other foliage.

“I prefer to work with a client to produce something unique and personal to them but when I make my own un-commissioned pieces I tend to push the boundaries of design in some way, often beyond the commercial norms, restrictions of mass market acceptance and fashionable tastes. I see my role in life as being to share my enthusiasm for the beauty of life, to share the skills I have gained, and to pay homage in some small way to the magnificence of creation I see around me”. – Janet Barber

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The ring arrived this morning, but I was under strict instructions to wait until Andy got home so that we could open it together. :) Was thrilled when I saw the bag! Then the white box … then the beautiful wooden box!!! And then …Eeeeeeeeek!!! It’s spectacular! Better than either of us had imagined Thank you again, it’s been a real pleasure, you’ve made the whole process completely enjoyable and totally stress free! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! :) Fi x (UK) (Sprinkle ring as a wedding band)

Posted by Fi x (UK) on 11-09-13

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