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Art for many people is about the nuance of sunlight on a hillside, the blush of candlelight on the skin of an apple or on the texture of skin. I too crave to capture these moments...dappled light in a woodland clearing, on the face of a loved one or reflections on water. No artist is immune to these stimuli. Without a world reactive to light, we don't exist. However, for me art is also about human aspiration, ambition, the absurdity of the world we live in, controlling laws and the desires we place on ourselves or are placed on us by others. While working in advertising I exploited these human frailties to the full. Conspicuous consumption and built-in obsolescence drives the economies of nations and those of individuals like me, involved in the creation of wealth.

I didn't come out of it completely unscathed though. And today my world of straw people is built on the idea of the poorest in the world finding a use for those once desirable objects we so readily throw away. There is a certain pathos present in the image of a straw-woman believing a doctor can mend her broken child, or the self delusion of straw generals pausing for a picnic...the very same beliefs present in humans living in a complex world.

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