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Julie’s work can be seen as an exploration of tension and contrast: how the organic and the mechanistic coexist, how visible and translucent surfaces hide or reveal what is inside, and for her, glass is the perfect medium for this. Forms can be viewed from inside as well as out with surfaces that reflect light, transmit it or stop it dead. Matt, satin and intricately-constructed textures can be set against polished planes and fluid forms can be juxtaposed with rigid geometry. Her aim is to make glass that appears malleable and tactile as well as being brittle and inflexible.

“A branch of my work primarily investigates forms in glass, in particular loops, spirals, circles and ellipses, contrasting surfaces inside and outside. Other pieces focus on making the invisible apparent, such as an ongoing series that represents internal elements of the human body in glass, magnifying cells and internal structures for our scrutiny. I have also started work on symbolic barriers, for example creating pieces in glass to represent the barricade of thorns that appears in childhood fairytales. “ – Julie Light

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