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Martin Davis is an ex-firefighter turned painter, having worked as a freelance artist for the past 5 years,. Already producing work of local renown, his wider reputation is beginning to attract much critical acclaim. After attending university in Birmingham and a brief spell in finance, Martin joined the Fire & Rescue Service in Derbyshire - a career he stayed with for over 30 years before he decided to turn to painting full-time.

An instinctive artist, Martin is almost wholly self-trained. Yet even so he has sold his work to private collectors around the world and even secured coveted gallery space in his local Derbyshire galleries. The act of applying paint to a surface is a matter of intense personal struggle, to capture the essence of a subject as you want people to see it. There is an inner beauty, a sort of “heroic” quality, inside everything if you look hard enough – it doesn’t have to be something intrinsically pretty, or attractive or especially worthy of attention. Martin’s compulsion to produce art stems from an emotional response to colour, light and atmosphere, with specific subject matter being of less importance. Influences and inspiration often arise from images (or even words or phrases) in current affairs, poetry and in the world as a whole – particularly if they strike a chord from his past. Martin’s work almost always uses oil paint, and almost always begins with an “image” in mind. Some part of the image, perhaps a texture, form or effect of light, will provide the spark and specific focus for the rest of the piece.

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