Don't Miss - Feb, 2014


Curious Beasts: Animal Prints from the British Museum at the Ulster Museum, Belfast.

Runs from 28 February – 25 May 2014

This stunning exhibition provides visitors with a fascinating insight into the minds and imagination of those individuals who first began studying and documenting the wonders of the animal kingdom. Dating from the 5th to the 19th century, this beautifully detailed collection of imagery is made up of prints found in the archives of the British Museum. Featuring works by Albrecht Dürer, Francisco de Goya and George Stubbs, the exhibition is divided into three main categories: observing animals, encountering animals, and allegorical animals. Amongst other things the exhibition documents the use of animals in sports, techniques used for recording new species, and provides observations into the symbolic significance of different creatures across different cultures.

Overall, a brilliant and engaging look into how the inception of printmaking shaped and preserved our understanding of the natural world.


Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester.

Runs until 23 Feb 2014

A superb assembly of photography, sculpture, paintings, print, and film, this unmatched exhibition dedicates itself to contemporary works of art produced since the First Gulf War. With well over 40 artists representing more than 20 years of history, this is the first time many
of the works featured have been on public display together. With a special emphasis on the critical role that war has played in shaping the contemporary art world of today, guests will be able to explore an intriguing, varied, and most notably touching array of works which look to provide a commentary on the notion of warfare in our modern age.

With well over 70 individual pieces on display this diverse exhibition includes the earnestly moving ‘Queen and Country’ by Steve McQueen, an assortment of facsimile stamp sheets bearing photographic portraits of British service personnel killed during their deployment to Iraq, and a picture of Tony Blair taking a selfie whilst an explosion goes off behind him. Also on show will be works by the likes of Israeli photographer Ori Gersht, award-winning artist Edmund Clark, and Northern Irish photo and film master Willie Doherty.


Love Stories - Romance, Obsession & Heartbreak at The Atkinson Art Gallery, London.

Runs until Tuesday 18 March 2014.

As the very first exhibition to be hosted by the Atkinson Gallery, this extensive display of artwork focuses around the universal themes of love, courtship, betrayal, flirtation, marriage, and settled love. The exhibition will showcase prominent works from the gallery's own collection alongside pieces borrowed from the Arts Council and other museums from around the country. With an alluring and diverse selection of mediums being drawn upon, expect to find everything from oil paintings, to ceramics, installations and film making their contributions to this provocative tale.

On display, amongst other things, will be paintings such as ‘Lilith’ by John Collier, ‘The Eastern Gown’ by William Open, and Albert Moore’s major piece ‘The Loves of the Winds and Season’. A few other unexpected treasures on display will include marble sculptures of Cupid and Psyche, Victorian Valentines cards, and Anya Gallaccio’s large scale installation ‘can love remember the question and the answer’.


Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Runs from 6 February – 1 June 2014

Personally selected by famed English photographer David Bailey this collection of over 250 works is one of the National Portrait Gallery’s largest ever photographic exhibitions. Highlighting personal favourites from his own 50 year long career, this collection of iconic imagery features giants from the worlds of fashion, music, and art. Photographs of Mick Jagger and Francis Bacon sit alongside images taken by Bailey during his travels through India, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

Other series includes photos taken by David during his Democracy project, and images of those devastated by famine in east Africa, produced in support of Band Aid, 1985.

Author: Luke Matheson