New to Sable & Ox - May 2014

Your introduction to some of the newest artisans and designers to join us at Sable & Ox.

Sarah Smith

Specialising in handmade pearl and gemstone jewellery, Sarah Smith’s sublime designs are a sure-fire way of bringing a little extra luxury to your life. Combining only the finest pearls and gems with a selection of  precious metals, her work places a distinct emphasis on enthralling combinations of colour and texture; and because of the very nature of the materials used, each piece is always different from the last.

Sarah's 'Blue/ Black Freshwater Pearl and Lolite Bracelet' Sarah's 'Blue/ Black Freshwater Pearl and Lolite Bracelet'

Sarah will often source stones from all around the world - only trading with small family run businesses she has built personal relationships with- allowing her to attain the kind of gems which rarely find their way into more mainstream jewellery collections. This desire to seek out the rare and unusual gives Sarah a uniquely vast array of colours, textures, patterns, and translucent properties to experiment with when making her creations; a pallette she exquisitely and characteristically marries with tactile, naturally inspired forms; hand-carved shapes which serve to highlight the innate beauty of her carefully garnered gemstones.

Left: Copper and Rutile Quartz Cube Earrings  Right: Aquamarine & Lolite Earrings Left: Copper and Rutile Quartz Cube Earrings Right: Aquamarine & Lolite Earrings

Struthers London

Struthers is a London-based studio and design partnership consisting of master-watchmaker Craig Struthers and antiquarian horologist Rebecca Struthers. With their collective expertise they have recently begun breathing new life into the contemporary British watchmaking industry; a feat achieved through an acute combination of award-winning design with traditional fine hand skills.

Not to hold back in making a mark, their latest piece to leave the workshop, “Lomin Stella”, became the first ever watch to win a Design Innovation Award for “outstanding innovation in platinum”, and sets a new benchmark for quality, handcrafted watchmaking in the twenty-first century. This innovative pendant is powered by the swinging movement of the case as oppose to wrist, storing momentum in a spinning ball which rotates on a platinum axis within a frame. Clean and by any measure elegant, the face of the watch features a solitary hour hand which allows the user to read the time accurately to within five minutes. It should also be noted that Stella is an entirely unique timepiece; no others will ever be manufactured.

Stella-by-struthers Stella’s hand-cut rock crystal hemispheres are set into platinum bands front and back so that the watch movement can be seen ticking away the seconds whilst the single hour hand slowly moves around the dial. A quirk inspired by the decadence of Art Deco.


Philip Kydd

Founded in 1981, and located in the beautiful rural setting of North Somerset, Philip Kydd’s gold and silverware studio has quickly become renowned for creating an incredible range of hand forged jewellery and other opulent items of home decor. Made to an impeccably high standard, his range is the perfect melding of traditional smithing skills with modern aesthetics. Philip’s previous clients have included royalty, heads of state, and a number of celebrities.

Philip Kydd Silverware Philip's latest “Radiance” range, consisting of everything from bowls to boxes, bangles, platters and more, was inspired by a life-long love of the seas and stars.

Author: Luke Matheson