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Stoneware is just gorgeous to work with. Unlike porcelain, as you form the pieces they hold their shape so building is a breeze. I use a variety of Skarva clays from the professional range but as I cant choose which one that like the best buy 3 or 4 different ones.

Hand building in porcelain is tricky. It is like making with skin or putty and has a mind of its own which will flop and fail at will. You have to catch it at varying stages of drying to shape, join, mark, or handle at all. Porcelain will also sag in the kiln, but when it works it is so very well worth the difficulties.

Tea sets are permitted to be far more exotic than the rest of my work, bordering on bling. The teacup and saucers aren’t particularly practical, they are tiny and wobbly, but they look good.

Tea services can be made to individual requirements, colour or personal information.

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