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From his Somerset workshop, Phil Brown designs and makes unique boxes and cabinets. His focus is on making one off pieces that are distinctly from wood and celebrate this uniquely tactile and character rich material. He has a lifelong passion for wood, the beauty of it, the smell of it and the way tools engage with it. His use of traditional hand tools gives him a connection with the wood that is suited to the more organic, sculptural pieces that he makes.

Within each project Phil is trying to find a balance between his design ideas and the unique piece of wood in hand. He approaches the work from a sculptural angle, carving and shaping the wood to release the character and grain. Working as loosely as possible from Initial sketches he allows the design to evolve as the work progresses.

Making boxes and cabinets holds Phil’s interest as each is a relatively small project offering him greater variety and allowing him to use fairly small interesting boards that wouldn’t be suitable for larger furniture projects. Once Phil has completed a box he will make an individual felt lining for it using Merino wool and silk. This gives his boxes a handmade finish that further adds to the character and warmth of the piece. Beyond the enjoyment of the wood used and the form it takes, he finds great satisfaction in creating an object that will become a home for his client’s treasured objects and memories.

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