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Shelley Thomas is an artist and designer working mainly with metal and more recently silver and gold. She originally trained as a silversmith and jeweller in the 1980’s but has found her feet making incredibly unique pieces iron furniture. Her intensely decorative collections include everything from chairs to tables and architectural installations, all produced for both corporate and private clients. Additionally she creates a stunning range of beds and headboards, all of which are one offs. As Shelley says “everyone has to have their own special bed”, and special they are. Shelley often designs her beds around a particular theme; there is the Castaway on a Desert Island Bed, a Jane Eyre Bed and A Midsummer Night’s Dream bed. She engraves a line of poetry at the foot end of each one, normally something romantic by P B Shelley, but will more than happily incorporate your own ideas. This is all part of the design practice for Shelley, letting her customers express their ideas and dreams for their own bed. Thus making the whole experience and ultimately the finished product that touch more meaningful to the buyer.

More recently Shelley has returned to her roots in jewellery making. With gold, silver and semi-precious jewels she incorporates her knowledge of ironwork to craft some conclusively beautiful rings, necklaces and bangles. The adornments she makes often appear to be made by processes more like collage than traditional jewellery making, contrasting materials are fused together in order to create an aesthetically cohesive final piece. Some of her jewellery begins its life as a discarded piece of rusty metal which Shelley might find when out walking. Once in her studio she polishes these “roadkills” (as she calls them) before embellishing them with 18 carat gold and semi-precious stones. Sometimes she will cast these scrap items into silver before decorating them with gold and beautiful stones. This is the most common way her jewellery is made and the results are sublime, each piece rich in texture and full of character.

If you would like to commission Shelley for a particular piece of work then please don’t hesitate to contact her via our website. Just click the “Commission Me” button to get in touch.

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