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Sophia Lindsay Burns has an extensive and vibrant artistic career which spans over many years and numerous countries. In 1995 she graduated from the Art School in Aix-en-Provence before going on to complete an art practice-led doctoral in Montreal. After this she spent a number of years teaching painting in the south of France before settling in Edinburgh in 2008. As a painter her work focuses on the use of space, colour and abstraction to offer a unique take of traditional notions of figurative and landscape painting.

The abstract nature of her work involves overlapping line drawings on to kaleidoscopic backgrounds, which are created using oil glazing techniques. The deeply distinctive style that emerges from these processes show buildings, landscapes and human forms melding with the brightly coloured and complex space of the canvas. Sophia's aim over the last few year has been to present the viewer with dreamy visions of figure and architecture. Creating a medley of confusion and clarity that reaches out to us from the fractal play pen of the canvas, beckoning us to embrace a new kind of visual understanding.

When Sophia paints she says she is experiencing a visual game. Constantly aiming to experiment with and alter traditional views of shape and colour in an attempt to offer us a new world of visual possibilities. There is no real effort to guide the viewer towards a specific sense of meaning or moment of understanding. Instead, real significance is to be found in the visual qualities of the paintings themselves and the way in which their atmospheric nature distorts our normal perception of the world around us. Her works have featured in many group and solo exhibitions predominately in France since 1994, as well as various art fairs around the UK and France since 2010.

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