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Twinkle Troughton's socially motivated paintings offer a peculiar combination of humour and earnest social commentary. Her paintings regularly deal with themes such as politics, heritage, consumerism, and the rise of monopolist industries; issues she often explores through contemporary representations of old fables, myths, anthropomorphic reflections, and tales of morality derived from classical civilisations.

The human condition and its tendency to repeat history is key to Twinkle’s work, which seeks to understand what it is that challenges us in createing real change underneath the ever-evolving face of the modern world; considering how traits we have exhibited throughout history - like greed, selfishness and fear - are still connected to the social issues we face today.

The following quote by Da Vinci conveys a principle that Twinkle sees central to her work: “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.” She is deeply influenced by traditional schools of art, using styles, tones and content most commonly associated with the masterpieces of times gone by. By combining these classic techniques with traditional aesthetic qualities, her works aim to bring focus to the bridging of the past with the present.

Detail is where the fixation lies within each of her works, with layers of fine brush strokes upon dark atmospheric backgrounds bringing each of her subjects to life. By setting representational characters within a timeless, non-geographical location, she deems the issues she tackles to be of universal significance, and not just culturally defined.

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