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Energetic and practically brimming with the beauty of natural forms, Victoria Horkan’s paintings sit somewhere between the realms of impressionism, abstraction, and expressionism. Inspired by creatures of the oceans and skies, Victoria’s work is often suggestive in nature, offering a distinctively playful and abstract approach to the representation of any given subject. It is however her use of colour that sets her apart as a truly talented painter; by setting bright colours against contrasting tones of light and dark Victoria is able to create and utilise a deeply striking and highly unique palette within her work. When combined with her use of loose and bold brush strokes, this approach gives her paintings an undeniably real sense of momentum and motion, a method which resonates powerfully with the conventions of traditional impressionism.

This intense style has lead to a surge in popularity for Victoria, with valuations of her work doubling in recent times. She has recently had the privilege of exhibiting in many of the UK’s major cities and has sold her work to customers from all across the globe. To add to this success, Victoria has found herself featured on the BBC 1 website, received backing from auction house Sotheby’s, and had her work selected to feature on certified documents being used within the house of commons. It is therefore our pleasure to be bringing you the work of this inspirational and emerging talent. An artist whose work dances off the canvas, bringing us invigorated perspective in terms of colour and style.

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