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‘I have always loved animals. My favourite of all has to be the dog. They are loyal, funny and a joy to share the home with (Most of the time!) ’, -Virginia Dowe -Edwards.

Virginia has always had huge passion for animals and in particular; dogs. Virginia’s captivation began with their family dog Tolly, a Labrador/Irish setter cross. Throughout Virginia’s entire childhood Tolly was always there. Virginia describes that he was like a big brother, always about for a hug and never he told your secrets.

Inspired by the love she felt for her childhood companion. Virginia’s earliest drawings were of dogs and she would also spend hours molding cats and dogs from plasticine. After finishing school Virginia went on to study Btech Art & Design at Suffolk College. From there she studied further at The University of Wolverhampton where she achieved BA (hons) in Three Dimensional Design: Ceramics.

Virginia’s childhood dream was always to sculpt other people’s hounds, an ambition that she now wonderfully fulfils with skill and humour. All the dogs that she creates present such character with there over exaggerated floppy paws and ears, you simply cannot resist to fall in love with them.

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