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From her studio in Scarborough contemporary artist Wendy Tate produces a reliably evocative collection of paintings, working in acrylic and oil on canvas, as well as creating sketches from charcoal and pencil. Focusing primarily on the figure Wendy’s highly emotive works are a result of her fascination with the nude form, its connotations, attached emotions and use as a metaphor for an alternative reality. The subject of the nude figure is in fact a highly influential factor of Wendy’s artistic career, with many of her academic dissertations dealing with its historical use and relevance. Her aspiration to create a sense of grandeur and monumentality with representations of the human form is a clearly received concept in her paintings, a message which forces the viewer to explore their own relationship to notions of beauty and intimacy.

Wendy’s time spent at the Cyprus College of art also went a long way in shaping her style as an artist. The decaying Byzantine icons she encountered there forced her away from her roots in realism; she began concerning herself with the fragmentation of her images, attempting to highlight the layering processes that lead to its creation. Since this time she has developed her own process of dripping autumn or leaf inspired colours onto the ground, allowing them to mix, and then gently incorporating different shades of gold dust and gold leaf. With this base coat established on the canvas Wendy is able to begin the conception of her image, the picture itself dictating its own evolution at certain points of the creative process.

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